Tuesday, 10 April 2012

InstaLife Lately

I know this type of post is really popular among the blogs right now and I hate myself just a little bit for doing this. BUT, I have a serious Instagram addiction. I mean, SERIOUS. So my iPhone is loaded with photos. I'm talking jam packed of square-shaped photos filtered by "toaster" or "valencia". I even discovered another app that allows me to make photo collages and upload them straight to Instagram. The photo insanity is at an all time high. And I'm kinda loving every second of it...

Ready for it? I'll give you the reader's digest of it, starting at the top, from left to right:

  • A guilty face. Yet another chai before class.
  • Fro Yo, YO! (No guilt there.)
  • Field trips aren't just for eight year olds. Materials Connexion for Textiles. Basically a museum of all things material. Pretty cool, actually!
  • More takeout than I care to admit. And a reminder to be dependable. Because people rely on it.
  • Interview nautical.
  • Pretty fountains AND flowers. Win. Win.
  • Taking two new flea finds on a sunny Sunday walk.
  • Started making bracelets with Sesame. Just wait until you see what we're making tomorrow!
  • Mixing patterns and waiting for the train.
  • Shadows = Sun = Happiness.
  • Cherry blossoms. See equation above.
  • Apartment hunting with Kiki. And very large teas. It was way too early for a Saturday.
  • Being a fleaster. And making up new words...
  • Quiet study sessions on sunny days in my favorite cafe.
  • A beautiful sunset over the city. And a beyond amazing,definitely enviable view from a friend's apartment.
  • Fashionable friends inbetween classes.

Life, you are kinda alright at the moment.


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