Thursday, 5 April 2012

Rainbow Suede

There's nothing like a pair of fuschia/melon/turquoise suede shoes to get you pumped to kick some interview booty. Which hopefully I did yesterday. I'll find out in a week or so. In the meantime, my fingers and toes are crossed because the internship sounded ah-may-zing!

navy button-up, navy skirt & fuschia belt {Loft} - turquoise earrings {etsy} - white purse {Coach} -
gold cuff {thrifted at VV Boutique} - rainbow suede flats {Zara}

So, I know I usually find a pretty wall to pose in front of (and by pretty, I mean either brick, grafitti covered or garage). I decided to switch things up a bit to show you just what my daily view consists of. This is right outside Guy and Gallard (also known as my favorite coffee shop, some may call our relationship co-dependent...). Just steps away from one of two Parsons buildings where half my classes take place. I spend a great deal of time either, in Guy or out on this street, so I thought it only fitting to snap a few pics amidst the New York chaos. Sorry, random guy, you walked by at just the wrong moment. Were you the one who gave me the very creepy, drawn out "Verrrrrry Niiiiice"? Or was that the white haired gentleman in front of you?

As per usual, a big shout-out to my girl Kiki for her always impressive iphonography.



  1. You're a beaut. This is one of my fave outfits in a long time.


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