Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pleasant Peasant

Things are getting a bit crazy around here. Only three weeks left of school. Which is the procrastinator's code for mental breakdown. So. Much. Homework. If I post a little bit less in the next couple weeks, this is why. My apologies in advance.

coral earrings, peasant blouse and nude heels {Kiki} - floral tank {Old Navy} -
dark denim skinnies {Flying Monkey via Century 21} - photo credit {Kiki}

A few pleasants, as of late:

  •  Kiki and I are the proud renters of the sexiest two bedroom apartment Manhattan has to offer. Can an apartment really be sexy, you ask? My exposed brick wall and heated bathroom floor say YES!
  • Helping a nice couple find their way on the subway. Then being told that they think New Yorkers are nice. Ha! I fooled them with my impressive subway skills (I use the term "impressive" loosely...).
  • Tart frozen yogurt. With blackberries. The only thing better would've been raspberries, but I'll take what I can get.
And the Not So Pleasant:

  •  The subway I instructed the nice couple mentioned above to get on deciding to become a different train altogether. Oh...umm, excuse me, this train is now headed to Brooklyn. No. Big. Deal. I did help them get turned around again since I also ended up in Brooklyn...
  • Me, just straight up, getting on the subway headed in entirely the wrong direction. Oh, hello Brooklyn, again. I've missed you terribly, since yesterday.
  • Waiting to hear about a summer internship. For two and a half weeks. I'm patient, I really am. Not so much.
  • Jumping in heels. Ha. Ha. Ha. (And by jumping, I mean hardly getting one foot off the ground, let alone both at the same time).
  • Being told, and I quote, that "I will die" in my new bedroom this summer if I don't have an A/C installed. Big ugly A/C that costs hundreds of dollars versus my certain death.....I may take my chances. Any wagers on how long I'll last?
That's about it for now, friends. Until next time...


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