Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Hair + New Shoes = Blog Post

t-shirt {Gap} - skirt {J. Crew} - sandals {Le Chateau} - rings {The Bay} - necklaces {UO, etsy, Madewell} - 
wrinkles in skirt {bedroom floor}

So I'm really digging the casual tee paired with a dressier skirt thing these days. This outfit was my attempt at that but really the skirt should be a bit fancier than this one. Maybe with pleats or something. Because pleats mean fanciness. 

Tomorrow is my birthday, Friday is the day I leave for Phoenix and Saturday is the day I melt into a ginger puddle in the middle of the desert. But at least I got my hair did and bought myself a new pair of shoes before the aforementioned melting. So that's something.


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