Wednesday, 21 August 2013

j. loves {her} style: The Original Boho

Remember when I tied a scarf around my head and called it fashion? Well, I got that idea from my favorite boho beauty, who also happens to be my bestie. This is Sasha Rae and I will always love her style. Sash is one of those people who just naturally pulls stuff off. I mean, this girl was rocking the lace bralettes and band tanks waaay before they were cool. But she always looked cool doing it, if you know what I mean. While she certainly has a natural style and is, of course, drawn to items that reflect it, she is probably the most thoughtful shopper I have ever known. She may actually be my shopping opposite. Where I base decisions on emotion and immediate satisfaction, Sasha weighs the pros and cons of each and every purchase, does a complete wardrobe inventory to determine the item's need and has likely placed it on hold every three days for the past two weeks. 

In the end, she winds up with a perfectly curated and unique wardrobe that is 100% true to her personal style. Perhaps she may be on to something...


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  1. I heart you Jaims!!! This cracked me up. You definitely captured my shopping style but you forgot to mention how infuriating it is for my shopping compadre AKA you. :) You know me toooooo well. :) XOXO


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