Friday, 23 August 2013

That Time I Wore a Football Tee & Baseball Hat and Called Myself Sporty

hat {Target} - tee {H&M} - pants {Joe Fresh} - shoes {TOMS, thrifted}

Next Friday my whole family (aunt, uncle, cousins and babe too!) leave for Phoenix to celebrate my grandma's 90th (!!!) birthday. While we're there, a bunch of us are going to a real live baseball game. Naturally the first thing I do is go shopping for a baseball tee to wear to the game. I didn't find a baseball tee but I did find this football jersey tee. This is not the first time I have sought out something to wear to a sporting event. Right before I left NYC, I went to a Rangers hockey game wearing a Rangers tee I had purchased a few days before. 

I asked a guy friend if wearing a football tee to a baseball game would make me look foolish. He said no (I'm sure he actually meant yes) so I'm going with it. Rest assured if I find an actual baseball tee before the game, I will buy that too. You can take the shopper to a sports game, but you can never take the shopper out of the girl....or something really poetic like that.


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