Thursday, 19 July 2012

New York Tourists

I had the pleasure of playing tour guide to my mom, aunt and cousin this past weekend when they came out to visit me. The four of us gals had just the best time. There was lots of sightseeing, shopping and eating (especially frozen yogurt). The broadway show Rock of Ages, which was a raunchy good time. And even a night out on the town - arguably my favorite moment of their trip! There was a hilarious comedian, an amazing cover band and dance moves that would have made the 70's proud. It was a jam-packed four days but oh what fun we had! 

It was so nice to see some family in this big ol' city. I can't thank these ladies enough for spoiling me rotten and giving me the chance to be a tourist in my own city. And while they were scheduled to leave this afternoon, New York couldn't get enough of them so the heat wave broke with a wopper of a thunderstorm that kept them here one night longer. It's just too bad that it's keeping them near the airport in Queens.

Have a safe flight home in the morning guys!


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  1. One word: cleave!
    Holy-moley Jaimie Love. I MISS YOU! a little carried away..that was way more than one word.


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