Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Coney Island Adventure

So, I had this post ready to go for Monday but due to internet issues, cyberspace had other plans for me.  Last Saturday, Kiki and I woke up (a little later than I'm willing to admit publicly) and were sitting in our living room talking about what we could do that day. A few ideas were discarded fairly quickly and then at pretty much the exact same time, we looked at one another and said, "Coney Island!". And that was all we needed to embark on a spontaneous trip to one of New York's most iconic attractions.

As a ride enthusiast, I was more than willing to go on every and any ride. Kiki on the other hand, was a little less than excited. Starting out tame, we took a ride on the most famous ride Coney Island has to offer, the Wonder Wheel. I obviously made Kiki go in one of the swinging carts, and with her shrieking in my ear with every move, I didn't have much hope that I was getting her on another ride. But like the trooper that she is, we went on four more rides, ending with The Cyclone rollercoaster. I may have fibbed just a bit and told her it wasn't going to be scary and that the massive drops were not that massive. After that first plunge, I knew I would be in for it once she made it off the ride. Even though she lost all color in her face and looked like she might cry, I think deep down (waaay down) she really loved it.

There was also a walk along the beach (we're romantic like that) and a gourmet dinner of hotdogs and hamburgers (we're classy like that). Coney Island is really just an amusement park, boardwalk and beach but what a fun adventure it was!


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