Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Camo & Excuses

 striped tee {Jacob} - camo pants {Gap} - sneaks {Sanuk} - necklaces {American Eagle & F21} - bracelet {flea market}

I kind of have a lot going on right now so please forgive the radio silence that just happened and may continue to happen. Turns out finals and moving back to Canada give you a lot to do. This week is crazy busy for me but in fun ways. One of my really good friends from Uni is here and he's taking me to a hockey game tomorrow night. I am so excited! Obviously, I'm really sporty and because of this the first thing I did upon hearing he had bought the tickets was to go buy myself a NY Rangers t-shirt. Once a fashion girl, always a fashion girl...or something like that. I'm also volunteering at a fashion show and going to a dinner party requested by me thrown in my honor (thanks Ley!). Only two more weeks of school and interning and then shortly after that I am back to the homeland.

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