Thursday, 23 May 2013

Good Bye New York!

Goodbyes still suck. Today, I am saying goodbye to NYC. The place I have called home for a year and a half. NYC was a lot of things to me. I came here partly broken and pretty lost. This city ignited in me the creativity, passion and life that I had been missing for quite some time. I learned so much here, about fashion, what I want to do with my life but most importantly I learned about myself. I found myself again in NYC. In a word, this city saved me.
In my last goodbye post, I explained that Calgary has my heart because my family is there. I also said that Victoria has my soul. Victoria will always be a special place to me because I had so many great experiences there. I have very fond memories of my time there, but I also have painful ones. NYC has taught me that nowhere gets to keep your soul. That stays with you, wherever you go. I think that was an important distinction for me to make. The place doesn't make you, it certainly can shape you but it's not your identity.
I have made so many rewarding connections here. I have made friends for life. I have met mentors and people I could ask advice at any time. As amazing as NYC has been, I've gotten what I need out of it. I came here at the right time but it's now time to move on. This city can wear on you, chip away at your spirit. Before I had made the decision to leave, I felt it trying to do that to me but I wouldn't let it. I wanted to leave this place on my terms, with a positive memory sitting in my mind. I am excited for this next chapter in Calgary. I never in a million years thought I'd say that. But it feels right. As corny as it may be, I have realized that home truly is where your heart is. I don't expect it to be easy, at times I may question my decision but in my heart it's where I want to be. I've lived elsewhere for almost ten years. A whole decade. It's taken me that long to come back and that's okay. 

Although I leave today feeling completely at peace with my decision, I am going to miss this crazy beast of a city and all of my amazing, wonderful friends who came with it. I have a New York family and I know this is not goodbye but rather see you later. 

Good bye New York, it's been a slice!


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