Monday, 27 May 2013

Back on Canadian Soil

tank {Gap} - jean jacket {thrifted} - maxi skirt {Joe Fresh} - necklace {gift} - watch {Target}

Everyone keeps asking me how it feels to be back in Canada. Quite honestly, I want to tell them it feels like I'm on vacation because I haven't started to do anything un-vacation like. Next they ask me if Calgary is way different than NYC. Well, yes. The first word that came to mind as I was flying into the city, was sprawling. It's just so wide and open here. It's also cold, green and quiet. Cold, in a non-humid, sort of way which is winning in my books. The absolute silence is kinda freaking me out though. Someone just honk their horn already!

I'm still figuring out the whole job situation which is fine with me. In the meantime, I've taken up juicing as a hobby. I'm borderline obsessed and have somehow convinced my Dad to start a 3 day juice cleanse with me tomorrow. I'm really excited about it but have full expectations that I will be a monster for the next 72 hours. Be thankful you don't have to be around me.


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