Monday, 29 April 2013

You Know You're a Parsons (or Other Fashion School) Student When...

1. If you didn't already have one, you have developed a serious shopping addiction but you tell yourself it's okay because it's research. Casually buying something online from your iPhone during class is not an uncommon occurrence.

You describe colors in terms of hue and chroma now and get offended when someone compliments you on your 'blue' shoes. They're actually aquamarine with more green than blue, but thanks. (True story: my friend Leyla texted me the other day because she described something as a shade of elephant and the person she was talking to was mean grey?)

You spend so much time at the cafe next door that you have friends at each station (panini guy, coffee guy, cashier lady) who ask where you've been if you only see them once a day. They've all taken to calling you 'sweetheart' or 'honey' and that's okay with you. 
Phrases like 'totes amaze' and 'I used the Valencia filter' are not only often overheard but a part of your regular vocabulary. 
5. When in a store, you absolutely must feel each and every article of clothing. Before buying something you inspect the tag to find out the fiber content, care instructions and country of origin, because it matters people.

You spend so much time with your classmates that you pass colds around like mono at summer camp. When your closest friends are sick it's better to just accept the inevitable and share a drink with them to get it over with. 
7. Carrying at least 2 bags loaded with essential supplies like scissors, double sided tape, an extra pair of shoes and a small selection of magazines is basically a requirement. If you don't need to see a chiropractor on the regular than you've clearly been doing something wrong.

8. You only have female and gay friends so bitchiness and cattiness are about as common as breathing. When you do come into contact with the (straight) opposite sex, it's like a scene out of one of those daily planet DVDs. Let the best woman win.

If you're running late for class, wearing sweatpants is NOT an option. Staying home because you couldn't find something cute to wear in time is not only acceptable but strongly encouraged because you will be judged by your outfit by a minimum of 3 classmates in every class.

10. You're willing to work 12 hour days for literally no money if it means getting to see that show/work at that agency or for that designer because at the end of the day, you live, breathe, sleep and (don't) eat for fashion. 



  1. I love this! #10 - so true. #5 - literally just spent hours in a store yesterday looking at the tags on every item for a presentation on this very subject. And in addition to #8 (which is already hilariously true), every time someone asks me why I'm still single, I reply with five words, 'I am a fashion student.' The only words needed to explain why I can't meet any eligible bachelors :/

  2. Love this Jaim! You are one funny lady... and I think you're totes amaze. ;)


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