Tuesday, 9 April 2013

It's Been Freezing, I Blinked and Then It Was Summer

sweater {Century 21} - skirt {Target} - shoes {thrifted, Zara} - jewelry {street vendors}

I just needed to forever document the momentous occasion that was bare legs today! I was literally wearing my wool, winter jacket on the weekend and then bam! Monday was in the mid-twenties. Today got to a high of 26 degrees (celsius) and honestly it tricked us into thinking it was June. Too bad this more than Spring-like weather is not planning on sticking around any longer than tomorrow. A girl could get used to this.

In other news, today someone at the agency was celebrating his birthday. I ran out to order some fries from an upscale fast food restaurant (this is an oxymoron) because birthday fries make much more sense than birthday cake. After waiting briefly in line, I was called up, looked at the man straight faced and asked for twelve orders of fries. He looked at me with bewilderment and repeated my order to me as a question. I confirmed that yes, I really did want twelve orders of fries. He rang it in and then straight faced asked me, "to stay or to go"? Oh right, to stay please! Just bring my twelve pounds of french fries over to me in the corner booth of shame. And yes, we put two birthday candles into a mountain of fries and sang happy birthday like this was the most normal thing ever.


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