Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Relax, have a pineapple

pineapple tee {Billabong} - denim skirt {Old Navy, way old} - bronze sandals {Steve Madden via Century 21} - 
triangle necklace {gift, from Urban Outfitters} - sunnies {Forever 21}

I have been on island time in a big way for the past ten days. I have a hard time planning what I am going to do in a couple hours, let alone the next day. Kauai is basically paradise on earth, I'm telling you. It's all lush greenery and vast open skies every which way you look. It's been quite rainy the past few days, but I will take rainy paradise over anything any day!

After all this lounging in the sun, reading (for pleasure!) and going to bed before 10pm on the reg, I am going to have a real hard time adjusting to life back in the city. But that's not until Saturday so let's not rush things here. A small part of me is excited to start my final (!!!) semester at Parsons and a bigger part of me is excited to start my new internship at a PR agency (!!!). But more on those later, when I'm not running on beach time.



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