Thursday, 6 September 2012

Stripes, Specs & School

striped shirt {gift from Kiki} - beige maxi skirt {Joe Fresh} - Harry Potter glasses {Toronto boutique} - 
chain necklace {DIY} - gold watch {Target} - bracelets {Etsy} - color block tote {Gap}

I wore this outfit on the first day of classes. Because I don't think anything says first day of fashion school quite like stripes and Harry Potter glasses. Plus the glasses make me look real. smart. That's smarter than I already am, naturally. Can we just talk about my schooling for a quick sec? Today I bought a fashion magazine, which was actually a legit school supply purchase. I've had two assignments already. One was a shopping report which meant I had to pick a designer, visit their store, then answer some questions. The second was my Branding homework where I had to declare my favorite brand and explain why. So basically my schoolwork is to go shopping and write love letters to my favorite store, Jacob. Sheesh, a girl could get used to this (someone please tell me I wrote this in about a month...). 


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