Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fashion Week

Hi Guys! I didn't really intend to take a week long hiatus there. I don't really know what happened. School, Fashion Week and interning happened, I guess. Some of you may remember that I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at a show last Fashion Week. Well, this time around I did not get to volunteer. Instead, Bloomingdale's sent me to three shows. As an attendee!!! I was living in a dream while I sat in the third and first rows (yes, you read that right...FRONT. ROW.) to watch Jill Stuart, Christian Siriano and Anna Sui show their Spring 2013 collections.

I can't really explain the energy that a live runway show has. It's magnetic and all-encompassing. It makes me feel inspired in ways that I can't articulate into words. My favorite moment of the whole show is right before it starts. One second the room is crowded and buzzing with chatter and in an instant everyone is in their seats, cameras poised for that moment when the first model rounds the corner. The moment I live for is that instant when all is quiet, intense with anticipation and then just when you can't take it anymore the lights turn on and the music starts blaring just as the first model begins her strut down the runway. It's magical.

My second favorite moment is at the very end of the show when the designer comes out to wave and take a bow. The look on their face is one mixed with unfiltered joy and utter exhaustion. What took them months of all-nighters is what you just saw in two minutes. The feeling I imagine they get when they see their finished collection walk down the runway almost makes me want to switch my major to design. Almost.

Needless to say, it felt incredible to be in the audience at, not one, but three shows. I honestly did not feel like I was living my own life. A BIG thank you to Bloomies and the Fashion Directors who made this happen. 


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