Thursday, 1 November 2012

You're Never Too Old For Dress-Up

These nine photos brought to you by sheer boredom and way too much time on our hands. I simply asked Kiki (my roomie) to show me how I should do my make-up for my brother's wedding next week. That took all of ten minutes, which led to "can I give you a smokey eye?". Why yes, yes you can. That quickly led to "oooh, I should tease your hair!". Logical. So at that point it only made sense for the hats to come out.

All kidding aside, Frankenstorm Sandy came and went earlier this week and left destruction, death and flooding in her wake. We are lucky enough to be living in an area that was not badly affected, we never lost power and all of our friends are safe (although a few are homeless for the time being). We are grateful for that. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by Mother Nature's latest tragedy.

Due to the storm, classes and internships were cancelled all of this week which has meant a whole lot of time inside the apartment. With transit obviously not in service, we have nowhere to go and not a lot to do (obviously studying is out of the question). So, when life gives you lemons...put on copious amounts of eye make-up, tease your hair real good and have your bestie take way too many photos of you making ridiculous faces.


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  1. God I love you. I miss playing dress-up with you! p.s. you make crazy look gooooooood. ;)


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