Saturday, 13 October 2012

Soap Style: {Victoria Newman Abbott}

So, by now you may have picked up on my small huge obsession with The Young and the Restless. I have been a devoted watcher for more than half my life (!) and oftentimes I find myself admiring the wardrobe of several of the female characters. This got me thinking about doing a weekly (or maybe bi-monthly, let's be realistic) feature on the Y&R's style, here on the blog. After coming up with this idea, I did a bit of serious research (ie. Google and Twitter) and turns out I am not the only one obsessed with this soap or the style seen on it. On Twitter, there are so many Y&R fans who only tweet about the show (I thought I was die-hard). My favorite thing I came across though, was a blog devoted to the show's wardrobe. The author of the blog gives you a witty recap/commentary on each episode with a photo of one character's outfit and then provides links to buy the showcase item (or similar item). Since that blog does it so well, I am not going to do the same thing. You can all take a collective sigh of relief --- I know many most of you do not care to know what the latest is in Genoa City (inside joke...between me and the Y&R). So, what you ask, am I possibly going to talk about? Great question. I will pick my favorite outfit to show you here and just give you a quick rundown of why I think it's great (or not...who knows). It will be a style review of sorts. My apologies if this is not your thing, but these are the types of things I think of at 2am. I live for this stuff.

For the first installment of Soap Style, I have chosen to feature Victoria Newman Abbott (played by Amelia Heinle). Arguably my favorite dressed character on the show, Victoria always hits it out of the park (sports metaphors...where did that come from?!) with her power suits and all-around great business attire. On this particular episode she came to the office wearing this gorgeous albeit totally NOT work appropriate (read: cleavage) red cut-out dress. I was in love when I saw the front but it quickly turned to full on lust when she got up to leave and I saw those cut-out slits on the back of the dress. Cut-outs and color-blocking? Way to be on trend Y&R. You did good, real good.


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