Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Seriously Flipping for My New Job!

sweater, jeans & boots {Gap...didn't even plan that!) - necklace {gift from kiki}

I have some seriously great news to share! I've finally landed myself a job and it's not just any old job. It's THE job. The job I wished for, the job I would've happy danced for in NYC, the job I never thought would come along in little old Calgary. But it did, and I got it! Certainly not for lack of trying either. It was a long and intensive process, involving videos, a couple of interviews and on the spot brainstorming challenges. It's everything I hoped for and more, and the thoroughness of their hiring process only confirmed the type of company I thought they were and the caliber of the people who work there. Without further ado, I am so pleased to tell you that I am now the Marketing Coordinator at Triple Flip!

Triple Flip is an activewear company for young girls - aged six through twelve (or so). It was founded in Calgary in 2005 and has seen impressive growth over the past eight years. We (we!) are about to open our eleventh retail store in Toronto and also have an e-commerce website. The clothing is fun, vibrant, athletic but still stylish and everything I would've flipped for when I was a young girl. I've only been there for about a week and a half but already I am loving it (huge understatement). I get to do everything from social media to organizing photoshoots and even naming new products and describing them in what we like to call our "flip voice". For those of you who know me, know that this is basically the cat's pyjamas/bee's knees/peanut butter to my jelly. I'm excited.

The owner/founder/CEO (this woman!) is unlike anyone I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is an extremely savvy businesswoman (obviously) but also has such a passion and energy for what she is doing. She is the most involved CEO I've ever heard of, which is so refreshing, because she genuinely cares and has an interest in every aspect of her business. She is an expert communicator, listens to what you have to say and shows a vested interest in you. The last thing I'm going to share right now is about how she introduced me to the whole company. She sent this incredible welcome email out to everyone that basically described everything I've done and where I've come from - the stuff that my resume shows as well as what I'd added in my interviews. I know none of the things she said were news to me, but it was how she said it and interpreted it that blew my mind. She made me sound really, really amazing. I mean, this email you guys was so amazing that I may have forwarded it to my parents (since they're the only ones I can not so humble brag to) and am thinking about printing it out and framing it (ok...not really...but maybe printing it). There was one line in it that had me so excited because it has been something I have never known how to put into words. She defined my personal style, just by listening to what I said and adding her own twist. She described me as a "fashion curator for my wardrobe, which is a thoughtful and eclectic mix of treasures found and patterns mixed". And that, my friends, is where all my dreams came true and my heart burst into a million tiny pieces of pure joy.

Needless to say, I am beyond excited to have this amazing challenge and opportunity ahead of me, and this company and the people behind it make me want to be better and do better each and every day.


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