Sunday, 22 September 2013

Getting a Head Start on Halloween

shirt {DKNY} - jeans {Gap} - boots {RW&Co} - purse {Target} - necklace {NYC street vendor} - rings {The Bay}

My sissy (in law) snapped these pics of me outside of Value Village before we headed in to search for some 60's inspired garb for a Mad Men themed costume party. I have to tell you that now is the time to hit up the thrift stores if you're in need of a Halloween costume. There was so much good stuff that I ended up not buying anything costume related (obviously I still bought two other "real life" items, who do you think I am?!). The choices were abundant and I got overwhelmed by the possibilities. A strong contender was a royal blue 100% silk sequined number with fabulous shoulder pads. Think Vanna White in the late 80's. In hindsight, I may have to go back for that one...

Other standouts included grass skirts (I mean, who doesn't want to wear a grass skirt?) and rubber snakes attached to shirts (what?). And since the following onesie is just too good I will leave you all with this...enjoy and happy Sunday!


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