Sunday, 31 March 2013

One Sweater, Five Ways

A few weeks ago, my talented friend, Leyla, offered to take photos for me. I, of course, said yes and on one of the coldest days in a while decided to pose in Central Park without a jacket on. This sweater is one of my favorites because of its versatility. I received it a couple of years ago as a gift from my aunt (who's shopping gene I inherited!). When I unwrapped this gift, I had NO idea what to do with this sweater looking thing with a whole bunch of extra fabric. Well, after some experimentation and website consulting, I figured out the five ways to wear it.

This is how I wear it most often because I like how it drapes and there's not much fuss.

I've never worn it like this before, but I think I'm going to start. This way makes for a more blazer sort of feel, which I like if you want to wear something else underneath.

This is probably the easiest way to wear it and I can't believe I haven't given this option more of a chance. This style was definitely the surprise standout of the day. It also happened to photograph beautifully and had lots of natural movement.

To be honest, this style is a bit silly. Basically the same as number three but with one end thrown over your shoulder. I guess it could fancy up an outfit or act almost as a shawl over top of a dress but I likely won't be wearing it like this any time soon.

This style was my least favorite and it even looks better in the photo than it did in real life, so that's not saying much for it. I may have been doing it wrong but there was a lot of extra fabric behind me that we didn't know what to do with. I don't think this style is overly flattering but I do like the contradiction of stripes, so that's something.

sweater {Jacob} - jeans {Gap} - booties {Top Shop} - moose necklace {Prima Donna} - bracelets {Gap}

So there you have it. One sweater worn five different ways. And in case you didn't notice, those are tiny stars on my jeans. So, in a way this outfit was a gray scale version of the American flag. That is about as patriotic as I will get for you America!


*A big thanks to Leyla for being a trooper in the cold and for all the beautiful photos!!! Check out just how talented this girl is HERE!

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  1. Lovely post Jamie! I don't think I would ever dream up all those looks with one shirt.


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