Tuesday, 26 March 2013

BK (What the Cool Kids Call Brooklyn)

I know I've proclaimed my love for Brooklyn many times but I really can't say it enough. I love Brooklyn. My favorite area is Williamsburg and I know that some people can't stand the place but it does something to me every time I'm there. It is an escape from the chaos and crowds of Manhattan. It's quiet, quaint and charming. There are the best shops and restaurants along Bedford Ave that I could spend an entire afternoon popping in and out of. Williamsburg is serene and has a sort of calming effect that soothes my soul. If magic was a feeling, it would feel like that. It is the perfect remedy to whatever ails you. In a bad mood? Go to Williamsburg. Need time to think? Definitely Williamsburg. Want to see the sky and maybe a tree? Obviously Williamsburg.

I went with my roomie a few weeks ago (her first time there! I had a hard time concealing my shock) and brought the real camera to practice using in manual mode. It was a gorgeous blue sky day, the sun was out and Spring was teasing us all afternoon. We browsed and walked and ate and fun was had by all.


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