Friday, 8 March 2013

Mad Love for Warby Parker

glasses {Warby Parker} - chambray shirt {Loft} - black skinnies {Old Navy}

I remember being eleven years old and, for reasons that are beyond me now, wishing I had braces and glasses. Don't let me say that wishes never come true because lucky me, within a year I had both. Shockingly, neither of their realities had the appeal they had held while wishing for them in the school field.  I remember my first pair of glasses, back in grade seven. Rainbow colored oval metal frames that only added to the awkwardness that was twelve years old. I was on the steady climb to the peak of that awkward, 'is that a boy, no pretty sure it's a girl' phase and my first pair of glasses certainly weren't helping. That, combined with the alarmingly accelerated decline of my eyesight led me to opt for contacts at an early age. 

Fast forward fifteen years and I have never owned a pair of glasses that I have truly loved. Worn solely in the confines of my own home, strictly before bed I have not gone out in public wearing glasses since the Spice Girls were topping the charts. A while ago I learned about the eyeglass company Warby Parker and it was love at first sight, pun intended. Warby Parker is an online retailer that sells boutique-quality glasses for $95. Prescription included. If that price and the abundance of cute frames wasn't enough to get your attention, how about the fact that for every pair sold they donate a pair to someone in need. They are the TOMS of the optometry world.

After a visit to their Soho showroom to try on frames, the process was quite simple. I placed my order online a few days later and within a week my new pair of specs arrived on my doorstep. Having literally never worn glasses in the outside world, it was a little disorienting the first time I stepped foot outside my apartment. Everything was so clear! After wearing them a few times, I am definitely getting used to them and can actually say that I feel comfortable in them. 

Thanks, Warby Parker, for finally allowing this twelve year old girl to be the four eyed dork she always dreamed of. 


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