Thursday, 21 February 2013

To My Bestie, On Her Birthday!

photos of my favorite flower child that I creeped off her facebook...

Happy happy birthday Sasha Rae! You are truly one of a kind. We have spent most of our birthdays together over the last ten years so I am very sad to be missing this one. I hope today is YOUR day and you spend it with the people you love doing what you love to do. I will be there in spirit today and this weekend!

You inspire me on a daily basis, whether we're together or apart. I remember the first time I saw you, at one of those orientation things for us babies in residence, almost ten years ago. Your hair was long, blonde and unruly (the unruly part hasn't changed). You were wearing itty bitty denim cutoffs (still do) and a tank - you looked like a little surfer girl. Even at eighteen, you had a sense of confidence and self assurance, without ever being full of yourself, that was admirable. You knew who you were and I knew I wanted to be your friend. And friends we became. Best friends. Who did EVERYTHING together!

We have been through many things together, the great, good, bad and ugly and each and every one of those experiences has only strengthened our friendship. You are my friend. My family. My person. Now and always Sash. I love you and miss you more than you could know!

Happy birthday beautiful. xo


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  1. Reading this again because I love it (and you) so much!! xoxoxo


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