Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Summer Shopping

Hi Friends! I'm back, I've survived finals, finished my first semester at Parsons and moved into a sexy new apartment. Sorry for my lack of posting but moving plus finals equals crazy town. I am on a little Canadian vacation right now, visiting family and friends and it could not be more needed. As much as I'm loving NYC, I really do miss seeing the sky and green grass on the daily. With finals behind me, my shopping senses are feeling pretty tingly right about now. I did a little perusing online and wanted to share what I'm drooling over at the moment. Best part of all? With the exception of one pair of shoes, everything is under $40! Enjoy...

Summer Sandals:

1) Target
2) Target

Stripes, Stripes & More Stripes:

1) Joe Fresh
2) Joe Fresh
3) Joe Fresh
4) Joe Fresh

Maxi Skirts:

1) Topshop
2) Old Navy
3) Target
4) Target

Printed Shorts:

1) Forever 21
2) Forever 21
3) Forever 21
4) Target
5) Target

I have a serious obsession with Joe Fresh and stripes, so naturally stripes from Joe Fresh rank high on my drool-o-meter. I'm pretty happy to report that I did visit Superstore today (which, granted, is not as cool as the Joe Fresh stores in NYC, but they have a much better selection and better prices so it wins first place in my books). Sadly nothing striped came home with me, but I did find the most comfortable black jersey maxi skirt.

I will try and post a few times while I'm in greener pastures.


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  1. Love these shoes, they're all SO beautiful!


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